and Special Interests

We have lists of places all over the world for hot air ballooning, bicycling, bungee jumping, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and jet-boating, Not to mention spelunking through caves, hiking, dogsledding, elephant rides, fishing, playing golf, horseback riding, ice skating, sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling, skiing, snowshoe trails, snowmobiling, surfing, swimming and tennis!

For one source of ideas, see Tauck Culturious.

Let us steer you to the best places for game sighting be it in Africa, Asia, South America or elsewhere. From Luxurious to down-to-earth, we pride ourselves on matching the trip to your preferences. There are many safari operators. We’ll help you find the best for your budget.

Whether you are headed to the West, the East, Europe or even South America, we can help you with your ski plans. We can put together a ski package for just you or an entire group. Call and give us your requirements.

SCUBA Diving
Linda Murfin has been a certified diver since 1978 and has visited dive spots all over the world. Call us to discuss some of our favorites! We know how much the details matter and will hook you up with the best diving experience possible.

Zip Lining
Zip lining is becoming so popular around the globe that you will find opportunities for it all over the world. I first Zip-lined in Costa Rica amidst trees filled with monkeys throwing stuff at us for invading their homes! I talked my husband into joining me in Puerto Vallarta where we had a really long ride. Check with us to see if there is a zip-line adventure at your destination!

This is another sport where someone who regularly participates can better help you plan your golf trip. We’ll handle transportation, accommodations, tee times and leisure activity options. Whether you’re headed to Myrtle Beach, Arizona, Florida, Scotland or elsewhere, we’ll take care of the details.

While some consider it a pastime, others consider Wine tasting and cooking to be an adventure, which is why they are listed here! We have many, many contacts world-wide that we use to set up fantastic wine and culinary adventures. We also keep in touch with Culinary Schools in case you want to hone your cooking skills in someplace such as Tuscany or the south of France! South Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, New Orleans, Napa, Sonoma or the Pacific Northwest … we know some great places to enjoy wine and food!