Centuries of history wait for the visitor to Europe. Add in the arts, culture, literature and some fabulous scenery, and you have an unforgettable vacation. Whether you explore country by country or do a whirlwind tour of them all, our experts can guide you in your choices.

Despite a population of over 7 million, London is a very accessible city with a great network of transportation. While there you can visit Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and so much more. Venture out to Windsor, Stonehenge, Oxford or Bath where even more sights await you or head over to Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford-on-Avon and visit the Globe Theatre. Add a trip to Wales or Scotland to make your tour of Britain complete. For more information:

“I Love Paris In The Springtime”. And in the Winter. And in the Summer. And in the Autumn. Heck, when isn’t it the time to love Paris? Forget those rumors that the French are rude. We’ll find places to go and things to see that will make you feel like you’re visiting your Aunt Suzette. To learn more about all areas of France or sign up for a very informative monthly newsletter or

It is easy to be overpowered by the allure of Italy. There is Rome – the Eternal City. There is Venice for lovers. Don’t forget Florence – center of the arts. And for food and wine lovers, there is Tuscany. Whether you want to tour about and see it all or spend a week in Tuscany taking cooking classes, Bella Italia will not disappoint. For more about Italy:

History. Natural beauty. Culture. Athletics. All this and more awaits the traveler to Greece. Spend a few days in Athens taking in the museums. Travel to Corinth and stand on the site where the apostle Paul addressed the Corinthians. Take a cruise through some of the 6,000 breathtaking Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. Visit the site of the very first Olympic games in Olympia near the port city of Katakalon. With over 300 sunny days annually, you will have plenty of great weather and beautiful scenery to fill your memory for a lifetime. For more on this beautiful destination:

From Madrid to Seville to Barcelona and on to the ski resorts of the Pyrennes or the island resorts in the Mediterranean, Spain has something for everyone. Wine routes throughout the country await the oenophile. Art in Barcelona becomes an authentic open-air museum. History in Seville goes back to 200 years before Christ’s time. And shopping presents endless possibilities for everyone. Want to learn more? Go to