There are many ways to see Alaska – train, boat, helicopter, plane – each one attractive in its own way. Arguably, the cruise/tour is the most popular way to see our 50th state. The cruise takes you in among the majestic glaciers in such places as Glacier Bay, Misty Fjords and Prince William Sound while the tours take you into wildlife regions like Denali National Park.

Our largest state by far, Alaska abounds with wilderness and wildlife plus many cities and towns with their own unique character and charm. Alaska is a land of stunning beauty where it is still possible to immerse yourself deeply in the wild. Plan on spending at least a week seeing this magnificent part of the world and allow as much as 10 to 21 days for a complete cruise/tour.

You’ll find information about cruises to Alaska under our Cruises page. You will find Alaskan cruises offered by major lines such as Holland America, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. You will also find more intimate itineraries with small ship partner Cruise West.

For information and sample itineraries of the many areas of Alaska see You can even get a free planning guide.