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We specialize in vacation planning that is personalized to YOUR needs, YOUR budget, YOUR dreams. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon or a family getaway, a weekend jaunt or a round-the-world cruise, it’s all about YOU and we’re here to help. And almost always at no additional cost to you for our 45+ years of experience. Contact us about Europe and other overseas destinations, too, either with an escort all the while or off doing your own thing.
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Welcome to our world where service is Above The Crowds!

Welcome to our world where our service is Above The Crowds. You will find no “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all vacations here. We customize each and every trip whether to Timbuktu or Tennessee. We have the experience and resources to help make your travel dreams come true.

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“Linda was awesome to work with! She did a great job helping us choose the perfect resort to suit our special occasion family Yucatán adventure and by booking flights for us all to arrive from different parts of the country! The resort was beautiful with lovely rooms and friendly service. We had lots of adventures visiting Mayan ruins, swimming with sea turtles and in cenotes not to mention lounging by the sea with drinks in hand! Thanks again Linda and you’ll hear from us when we’re ready to go on our next great adventure!” —Sue Tremont (Five Star Facebook Review)